About Us


BlackGold Asphalt Repair has been providing clients with the best asphalt has to offer. We offer a wide array of top of the line products and services, so we’re guaranteed to be your best bet for any job you have in mind. It’s our mission to make flawless paving and asphalt services available to everyone, so you can count on us to provide the lowest price possible. Committed to providing superior asphalt solutions, BlackGold Asphalt Repair has built a solid reputation in the greater Toronto area. Our team has years of experience and expertise. BlackGold Asphalt Repair has a large team of specialists each ready to meet your needs. What does a team that large mean to you? Less wait times from the moment you call BlackGold Asphalt Repair to the moment you get to enjoy your perfected finished product. It also means that we have teams ready to dispatch to your project or your estimating needs. Your time is valuable to us! We will have your job completed quickly so that you can move on to the demands of your home or business. Give BlackGold Asphalt Repair a call! We can come to you the next day if not within hours!